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Welcome to Hole In 5, the results driven marketing company with a different approach.

We offer online and offline marketing solutions, tailored to your business and your audience. Whether it’s via direct mail, direct marketing, online marketing, branding, logo design, sales promotion, graphic design or advertising – as a full service creative design and marketing team we can research, plan, design and deliver effective marketing programmes that create real impact, build relationships and drive sales.

Demographic Definition

Marketers typically combine several variables to define a demographic profile. A demographic profile (often shortened to "a demographic") provides enough information about the typical member of this group to create a mental picture of this hypothetical aggregate.

With our extensive experience in marketing and with a solid business background we have a wider base of experience enabling a more extensive consultancy service.

The landscape for marketing is more complex than ever before with the growing importance of digital media and we have evolved our services offering to make sure that all of our clients are in a position to take advantage of all opportunities.

Define Your Customer Before Marketing

Data driven marketing campaigns have come a long way. In the recent past, the best marketing efforts were the result of hypothetical guesses about the consumers desires, but today's consumers trailblaze a social media path of consumption desires and brand affiliation. When marketing campaigns utilize personalization technology to harness their target customer's information, customer conversion goes through the roof.

We at Hole In 5, utilize the latest tools and technology to better define your audience and reach customers that would have otherwise been left unseen

  • How Old Are They?
  • Where Do They Live?
  • Are They Mostly Men or Women?
  • How Do You Promote Your Product To Those Individuals
  • Where Do They Get Their Information? i.e. Social Media, News, etc
  • Which Type of Content Works Best?
Take Care Of your Customers & They'll Take Care Of You

Customer loyalty is closely tied to brand experience with each customer interaction. At the center of every business is the customer. Servicing and retaining that customer is of the utmost importance if a business is to become or remain successful.

Hole In 5 Enterprises takes pride in knowing how to treat a customer, let us show you how we do it.

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Our team works on an international level to help perfect your branding, website design and development. Both online and offline.

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Attention is a currency. We spend it. We earn it. And, sometimes we waste it. We can help you utilize it!

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